Keith’s Life Lessons is a series of books intended for children, to foster an understanding of how to relate to other children, adults and the world around them. Starting with “The We Generation”, each book illustrates an important life lesson in a fun and engaging fashion. It is the author’s hope that through understanding and acceptance of each other’s differences the next generation can grow up to love and respect each other and themselves.


Authoress Dee C. Burns was born in Long Island, New York, but has been living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada since June, 1973, where she resides with her husband of 17+ years and their two Schnauzers, Lara and Brodee.  A graduate of Ryerson University’s Magazine Journalism program, Mrs. Burns writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction.  Her belief is that if children learn about others at an early stage of life, they will grow up with understanding, rather than fear, with love rather than prejudice, and with acceptance of both self and others.  The Keith series is her way of (hopefully) enlightening children.

Illustrator Jamie Villanueva was born in Mexico and moved to Canada in 1999 deciding  the weather was too nice in her native country. Works as a graphic designer but illustration is her outlet. You can see more of her work at JV Graphic Studio

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